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EUROTEST and TEST Technique

ELITE SKI RACING has a all year round training camps for the EUROTEST and Test TECHNIQUE based in Tignes. The program runs in summer for 3 weeks or more if necessary, autumn for 10 weeks and during winter period for 14 weeks as a SEASON Program. The training includes every day training on snow Sl, GS, SG, free ski, video sessions on the spot or indoor with technical info, physical training outdoor or indoor including gym and sports. Also we have a F.I.S program in which the athletes train and race together all year. Depending on the period we work on technical ski and freeski, long or short GS and SL, Mock Test or RACE simulation. Our athletes are followed with RACE support on all their excames EUROTEST and Test TECHNIQUE with gate and physical training at the ski area of the test. To support the length of the year training we propose season jobs that go with the daily schedule and does not interfere with their training. If any of our athletes has the necessary paperwork for working in france a reserved place as a ski instructor is given in the ESF Val Claret Tignes.

RACE Support

After big couple of weeks training and RACE Simulations at our base we move towards the excames. As a team we organise the Tests in the same day, we lodge in a same hotel and we train for couple of days on the Race stade for the test. The skies are prepared by the coaches and all the pre-test time is carefully planed so our athletes can give their maximum on the D-Day...All the experience we have with the high level racing helps us give to our athletes maximum support.

PHYSICAL Preparation

The get the best out of our athletes we put in place a vaste training program. The training is always after the ski training and does not interfere with the capabilities on the snow. We always make sure that the program is individual and that everyone has a specific training adapted to their level. We have outdoor terrains that we usually use in the summer and in the beginning of the autumn, and indoor The TIGNESPACE training center that we use late autumn and all the winter.

Prices/Des prix

B.A.S.I Training

Prepare your teaching and technical skills required for the BASI assessments on one of our BASI Preparation courses. Each course is run by a BASI Trainer or ISTD experienced in providing assessments for BASI meaning they understand and recognize the levels required to satisfy the criteria set by BASI to pass the assessments.

You will leave these courses with an action plan and be advised of which aspects you need to work on along with a guide on how much further practice/training is required before you should consider taking your assessment.

We have found that clients who achieve the best results are those who ski with us on a regular basis. Maintaining frequent training enables a constant progression and development of technique, building on the skills learned from one session to the next. This means that there is a constant and gradual learning curve, enabling good long-term development. Training this regularly can become costly; for this reason we offer reduced training costs for multiple bookings.

Train individually or in a group with others also working towards their exams.


F.I.S Race Program

We are one of the oldest private training institutions in France since 1999 coaching athletes from all over the world. Our team had members from American continent, Europe , Asia, New zealand and Australia. Being in Tignes we have access to all the training institutions and facilities. Summer training is donne on the glaciers of Tignes and Val d'isere, the autumn camp mainly in Tignes and sometimes snow domes in Europe. The winter we have access to our own training stade and also the Race stade where all the big events are run. Training on artificial snow and long run GS and SG are also available for our training in Tignes. The athletes in the team have individual programs and race schedules with individual fitness preparation.Depending of the F.I.S calendar we plan races around our base here in Tignes or if necessary ski races in different countries in Europe.

With the help of our partners we have access to world cup equipment early in the season. Boot Fitting and equipment set up is done by specialist close to our base.

Our base permits us around 200 snow days per year that is more than enough to get in to perfect racing form before and during the race season. Don't wait...join in.